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The Maine Animal Control Association strives to protect the well being of all animals, domestic or wild. To enforce without prejudice, all state and local laws relevant to all animals and to enforce and educate the community, legislative and administrative personnel on the significance and diversities of the Animal Control Officer. To promote and encourage the opportunities for educational standards and requirements by which the performance of our profession may be measured. And to participate in the active development of resolutions on the state and federal level concerning Animal Welfare and Animal Control. We must always keep a high emphasis on education and training. MACA is committed to doing just that.

Cancelled: MACA Annual Meeting - April 3 & 4

Aggression in Dogs: Defensive Handling and Training, Milford, NH - July 18-19, 2020

Michael Shikashio, CDBC and Trish McMillan MSc, CPDT-KA, ACCBC, CDBC will be presenting a two-day workshop on safety, defensive handling, and the behavior modification techniques used with aggressive dogs.

Attendees will learn what is needed before working with aggressive dogs, gain hands-on experience in defensive handling and leash skills, and see videos of behavior modification in aggression cases.

This workshop is open to all trainers, behavior consultants, veterinarians, shelter staff, animal control officers, or anyone interested in learning more about dog aggression and how to stay safe.

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Verbal Judo Workshop in Augusta - March 27, 2020

If you work with the public and you ever find yourself in conflict situations – this is the class you should attend! This workshop will focus on conflict resolution techniques and how to handle conflict situations with expertise when they arise. This workshop is open to all municipal officials and employees.

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Dangerous & Nuisance Dog Investigations - March 4, 2020

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Phase 1 ACO Training

Phase 1 ACO training (previously called Basic ACO Training) will begin at the end of October. This will be an online training that all trainees must complete before attending Phase II training in early 2020.

Phase I training will consist of the core competencies that all ACOs will need to be aware of in order to perform their duties efficiently. Phase II training will consist of practical instruction and exercises to test the core competencies of the trainee and give real experience for ACOs.

All trainees will be required to register with an email address to receive the instruction for the online training.

Cost: $50. Registration Form available by following this link to the DACF website

Kennebunk pet walk raises funds for Larry Lord

The Maine Animal Control Association, along with Kennebunk Police and Kennebunk Fire Rescue, joined with the Animal Welfare Society on Gooch's Beach for a pet walk to support Larry Lord, the LEAP maintenance worker credited with getting people out before a massive explosion blew up the LEAP building.

The event was organized for Lord, who also worked as the animal control officer in Livermore Falls.

Read more:

Go Fund Me for Larry Lord - Livermore Falls ACO

A Go Fund Me has been established for the hero maintaince worker who evacuated employees at the Farmington blast:

Article for Maine Town & City by President Rebecca Parker: “Deadline approaching for new, vital, animal-control report”

New Law Affects Municipalities and ACOs: Title 7: Agriculture and Animals

2018 Animal Control Survey

Maine Lost Dog Recovery

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Dangerous Dog and Nuisance Dog Frequently Asked Questions

LD 858 - An Act To Strengthen the Law Regarding Dangerous Dogs and Nuisance Dogs

January 29, 2018 - "An Order Establishing the Committee to Review Maine Animal Cruelty Investigations"

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Please contact Governor's Officer directly and request list of changes implemented as a result of the Committee.

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